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Train Capoeira in Colorado

Now you can find Brazilian Capoeira classes in several cities in Colorado. There's a good chance we've got a program near you. Click here to register. Class sizes are limited and will fill up so make sure you get your name on the list right away.

Brazilian Capoeira

The exotic martial art of capoeira has its roots in Africa and major development in Brazil. This mixture of acrobatics, dance, kicks and dodges has now found its way around the world.

Training in capoeira can be extremely challenging because of how much is required of the students. Capoeira class involves training not only in the physically demanding movements, but also the music and singing in Portuguese. In order to advance in rank students must be proficient in knowledge of the history, culture, and language of the art-form as well.

Part of the success of the Brazilian Capoeira group is due to its innovative curriculum. No matter your ability, our program can help you to learn capoeira at your own pace. You'll soon see yourself doing things you never believed.

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Check out what some of our students are saying about our programs.

"... life changing."

- David Arroyo

"The capoeira classes are most definitely life-altering. Every instructor I've had at the academy has been highly skilled in meeting the students where they are. Even in leveled classes there are so many different levels of skill, and each... instructor always managed to engage the whole room. Other times, I've tried to learn a new skill or take a fitness class and find out that there are things I just can't do, I have to sit part of it out. In capoeira, I believe literally ANYONE can participate and improve."

- Amber Egbert

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